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Women & the Wilderness

Dec 10, 2020

Flashback to March when I'd just returned from what I didn't know would be my last international trip for 9 months. I remember thinking that the pandemic would be swift, quick and life would get back to normal rather quickly. As the months rolled on- I realized that was not the case. And before I could get a handle on it, my life had completely changed. Seemingly overnight.

I made the decision to travel domestically, within the U.S., and internationally within the last couple of months. It was a decision I did not take lightly and I felt an overwhelming amount of responsibility when it came to sharing my experience. In this episode I chat about my first domestic flight during the pandemic and all of the precautions I will be taking for my first international trip this week. Along with my thoughts and feelings about why I've chosen to travel.

I share this episode with you to help educate you on traveling safely and how to respect the communities and countries you're visiting. The detriment that COVID-19 has caused the travel industry is devastating but what's more devastating is the economic loss in countries that rely so heavily on tourism. It's a double-edged sword to encourage travel right now but as someone that works in the industry, it is also my responsibility to share how travel can be done safely.


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