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Women & the Wilderness

Mar 18, 2021

Marta, originally from Poland, now lives in London, England. She credits this move for opening her eyes to new experiences and adventures. After the move, her love for travel, and the outdoors, grew immensely. But the more she traveled, the bigger her accomplishments on her agenda grew.

She is challenging herself to climb the 7 tallest summits on each continent, known as the 7 Summits, and The Crown of Europe, the tallest peak in each European country. As of 2020, she has climbed 23 of the 50 tallest peaks in Europe and 5 of the 7 summits. With Everest coming up in April 2021.

In this episode, we talk about her journey to the 7 summits, how she is preparing for Everest, how she is able to afford these long, expensive climbs, mental toughness and what it means to her to be able to work towards the goal of being the first person to climb both the 7 Summits and the Crown of Europe.


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@tolivetotravel on Facebook

Strava; Marta Misztal

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Photo of Everest queue by Nirmal Purja

Nirmal Purja (holds the record for climbing all 14 of the world’s peaks over 8,000 meters in 6 months)


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